Seeds - Valley of Oreoz (FEM)

Seeds - Valley of Oreoz (FEM)

Seeds - Valley of Oreoz (FEM)

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Discover the epitome of quality and excellence with our Star of the North brand seeds. Crafted with utmost care and precision, these seeds embody elite genetics that provide exceptional results.

Immerse yourself in the world of incredible terpene profiles, where each strain offers a unique and captivating aroma. From earthy and piney notes to fruity and citrusy delights, our seeds will take your senses on an unforgettable journey.

Whether you're a seasoned grower or a passionate beginner, our Star of the North brand seeds are your gateway to cultivating extraordinary plants. Unlock the potential of your garden and witness the beauty that lies within each seed.

With a focus on delivering the finest genetics and ensuring customer satisfaction, we take pride in offering you the best seeds available. Join our community of growers and embark on a rewarding journey with Seeds & Clones.

  • Valley of Oreoz is a unique hybrid strain born from the fusion of two distinct cannabis strains: SFV OG and Oreoz
  • These parent strains contribute their own remarkable characteristics to create a well-balanced and flavorful hybrid
  • Valley of Oreoz offers a combination of effects that can be both relaxing and creatively stimulating, making it a versatile choice for cannabis enthusiasts


  • Valley of Oreoz presents a visually appealing profile with medium to dark green buds accented by touches of neon green and purple
  • These dense nuggets are adorned with amber pistils and a generous coat of thick trichomes, creating a visually captivating flower

Aroma & Flavor:

Valley of Oreoz boasts a captivating aroma and flavor profile that combines the essence of both parent strains.

  • Aromas: Valley of Oreoz offers an aromatic blend of sweet chocolate, nuttiness, and hints of diesel, creating an enticing scent
  • Flavor: When consumed, this strain delivers notes of sweet chocolate and nuttiness, with subtle undertones of diesel, creating a delightful flavor experience


  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene

    Grow Tips:

    • Can be tricky, so pay attention to the nutrients being fed
    • Let the plant flower a full ten weeks, though she can be harvested as early as eight
    • Plants should also be allowed vegetate for at least 20 days and super-cropped so that they branch out more

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