Taste the legacy! Happy Duck THC Products: where tradition meets tantalizing terpenes. Elevate every moment.

Brought to you by the iconic Gray Duck Spirits brand.

Crafted with Passion, Backed by Heritage

When you indulge in a Happy Duck beverage, you're not just enjoying a drink - you're sipping on a legacy. Founded by Jerry Schulz, Mark Cotter, Jamie Quesnel, and former Minnesota Vikings captain Chad Greenway, Gray Duck is a brand born out of tradition, pride, and the spirit of competition. Inspired by the iconic end zone celebration that ignited the "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" vs. "Duck, Duck, Goose" debate, our brand embodies the essence of staying true to one's roots.

The global spirits market is vast, with stalwarts that have been around for ages. But at Gray Duck, we believe in the power of community, friendship, and a game that means more than just fun. It's about pride, identity, and cherishing those moments that define us.

Why Choose Happy Duck Beverages?

  • Crafted with premium hemp-derived THC for a delightful buzz.
  • Infused with botanical terpenes for unparalleled flavor and uplifting effects.
  • A product of Gray Duck, a brand that stands for community, pride, and tradition.

Drink Responsibly, Celebrate Uniquely

Every Happy Duck beverage you enjoy is a toast to the memories we create, the traditions we uphold, and the community we build. Join us in this flavorful journey, and let's make moments that last forever.